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  • WSU Researchers Use Super-high Pressures to Create Super Battery

    PULLMAN, Wash. -- The world's biggest Roman candle has got nothing on this. Using super-high pressures similar to those found deep in the Earth or on a giant planet, Washington State University researchers have created a compact, never-before-seen material capable of storing vast amounts of energy. Read more

  • 'Balanced' Ecosystems Seen In Organic Ag Better At Controlling Pests

    PULLMAN, Wash. -- There really is a balance of nature, but as accepted as that thought is, it has rarely been studied. Now Washington State University researchers writing in the journal Nature have found that more balanced animal and plant communities typical of organic farms work better at fighting pests and growing a better plant. Read more

  • Onion productivity marks focus of plant research

    PULLMAN - WSU plant pathologists have won more than $1 million in grant funding to participate in a multistate team of scientists and industry professionals to create a suite of management tools to improve the production and profitability of the U.S. onion industry. Read more

  • Perennial Grain—Biggest Agriculture Breakthrough in 10,000 Years

    PULLMAN, Wash. –Earth-friendly perennial grain crops, which grow with less fertilizer, herbicide, fuel, and erosion than grains planted annually, could be available in two decades, according to researchers writing in the current issue of the journal Science. Read more

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